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Hour 1
It's Rough to Be a Hufflepuff - Megathruster
Hulk! - Insane Ian
Cowhog - Smashy Claw
I Am Cow - Arrogant Worms, The
Humidity Song - Mickee Faust Club, The
Weather Channel Song, The - Jeff Walker & The Wackjobs
Whiny Slimy Creepy - Bob Ricci
Whiney Whiney (What Really Drives Me Crazy) - Willi One Blood
We Don't Care - Steve Goodie
I Don't Smoke - DJ Dee Kline
Down in the Cellar - Ramsey Gordon
St. George & The Dragonet - Stan Freberg & Daws Butler (f/ June Foray)
Little Blue Riding Hood - Stan Freberg
Them Durn Fool Things [These Foolish Things Remind Me of You] f/ Mrs. Jaymes F. X. Paisley (June Foray) - Red Ingle & The Natural Seven
Hour 2
Transfusion - Nervous Norvus
Hot Rod Lincoln - Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen
Champagne Chevy Nova - Mark Eddie
This Used Car of Mine - Laszlo & Gary
'41 Ford - Grand Prix, The
Hey Little Cobra - Rip Chords, The
Cadillac Heaven - Baltimores, The
In My Driverless Car - Power Salad feat. Arthur's Prior Band
Little Hybrid - Power Salad
Beep Beep - Playmates, The
Beamer - Dino-Mike
Traffic Jam - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Stuck in a Traffic Jam - John Lewis & Brian Boyd
One Damn Lane - Tony Goldmark
Uh Oh! (Someone's in My Way!) - TV's Kyle
Hour 3
I Love NASCAR - Cledus T. Judd (w/ Toby Keith)
NASCAR Song, The - Steve Goodie
Sunday Driving - Jerry Lewis
She Drives Like Crazy - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Grandpa Got Run Over By a Hybrid - Steve Goodie
Dune Buggy - Oliver Onions
Ode to My Car - Adam Sandler
Stop Draggin' My Car Around - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Wacked-Out Five
Tardis Full of Bras - Timm McCoy
Shaving Cream - Benny Bell
Hufflepuffs - Insane Ian
Pinball Prison Blues - Puddles Pity Party
Dance Bitch - Allie Goertz
Human Music - Chetreo
A-Log on the Airwaves - July 29, 2017
Topic: Cars


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