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Duration: 3:23 
Release Date: 3/6/2012  (DJ Particle) 
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  • A parody of "Red Solo Cup" by Toby Keith. (A-Log)
  • Song Lyrics:

    Now double D cups are utterly incredible
    At Mardi Gras and Spring Break they're usually quite visible
    But you there sweet lady have a good set of breasticles
    Are they real? I don't have to ask

    Hey double D cups may look inflatable
    And whether they're paid for is often debatable
    But on tons of websites they're always downloadable
    As well as Kim Kardashian's Ass

    Double D cups, six thousand bucks
    We'll credit card 'em, go ahead and charge 'em
    I love you double D cups, can't get enough
    I'm glad I bought 'em, so glad I bought 'em

    I like 'em in tank tops, I like 'em in sweaters
    I like when they point like an Irish Settler
    Double D cups have never looked better
    But I can't seem to get lucky

    Yeah I must admit that ladies with big 'uns
    More than a few times had my name written
    On them with a sharpie when they see fittin'
    But they're all usually quite chubby

    Double D cups, hope they don't bust
    Good lordy, lordy, you're such a hottie
    I love them double D cups, can't get enough
    Oh what a body, oh what a body

    Well, nothing against those who were not as blessed
    And may never win a wet t-shirt contest
    But when it comes to double D's I confess
    They're the "va" in my "vavoo"

    Double D cups can be saline and plastic
    The bigger, the better, they sure look bootastic
    And though they might make it hard to do gymnastics
    I mean it when I look at them and say:

    Double D cups, you're more than just jugs. Bazoons, cans, baby feeders, tata's, milkshakes, pink nose puppies, hooters, watermelons, twinner sausages, blouse bunnies. Whatever you are you're still my friends, my life long friends, both of you even the slightest small one.

    I love them double D cups in bras that push up
    Like Dolly Pardon, like Dolly Pardon
    We love those double D cups, can't get enough
    They're kinda gaudy, oh what a body

    Double D cups x7
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