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Captain Wayne's Mad Music Show, Episode #64, February 4, 2007
Topic: Pets!

This show has 6 parts:

Part 1
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Janet's CoconutBob Rivers
The Soul Bowl  [first known play]Hudson & Landry
Super Bowl Shuffle  [first known play]Chicago Bears
Fifteen Animals  [only known play]John Stey
Chia Pets Don't DieJohn Mammoser
Pet ShopMonty Python
Next week: Religion (or lack thereof)!


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Messages about the show: "Captain Wayne's Mad Music Show, Episode #64, February 4, 2007"

Captain Wayne   Offline  -  Site Owner  -  02-04-07 10:13 PM  -  17 years ago
Text-only playlist:
thesuspence   Offline  -  Participant  -  02-07-07 11:21 AM  -  17 years ago
Oh no, I got beeped on my phone in request. I thought crap would be o.k. I know I've heard an F-bomb dropped on the show before.
Maybe it was just to make it funnier. Hope that's the case.
Captain Wayne   Offline  -  Site Owner  -  02-07-07 01:23 PM  -  17 years ago
Actually, it *was* just to make it funnier (since you mentioned right afterwards that I can't take this away).

And that F-Bomb was an 'oops' - Since I'm "on the air" in the USA I do need to be careful, but not too much so.

Believe me - censoring is time-conusming, I don't want to do more than I have to (or want to).

fogice   Offline  -  Member  -  02-17-07 08:32 PM  -  17 years ago
One of the things I really appreciate about the MMS is that I don't have to hear "Dead Puppies", "Fish Heads", or "Dead Dog Rover" on every other show, the way it used to be on Doctor Demento (at least in the 80s through the 90s, when I lived near a radio station that plays them). Then, this episode came along and had all three of them.

At least you are efficient! :D

- Liminal Mike
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