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Midfield - Ceschiia feat. Truff & Droxx
Titanic Monday - Carrie Dahlby
Crackas In Paris (The White Boy Rap 2013) - Chris Waffle Explosion, The
You Don't Know Jack - Tony Goldmark
All I Want To Do Is Shoot Some Guns - Beth Kinderman & the Player Characters
LUKE SKI! - The Consortium of Genius
Map Light - John Mapes
What's Up Spock? (Can We Rock?) (Narada Timey Wimey Mix) - DJ Particle
W.F.S. - Worm Quartet
I Hate Self-Flushing Toilets - Mr. Wompy
House Party At Arkham Asylum - TV's Kyle
Apparate! Suite, The - Lemon Demon
Whistle While I Work It - Chester See feat. Toby Turner & Wayne Brady
Scientifically Accurate DuckTales - Animation Domination
I Love You, TiVo - Insane Ian
All For The Boogie - TV's Kyle
Fangirls, Shake That Booty! - Scooter Picnic
Shut Up, Ian! - Insane Ian
Do It All - NooNoo feat. Ceschiia
My Toon Knows What You Did in Goldshire - Kavo
Pasta Maths - Weebl's Stuff
Smelly Shoulders - Smooth-E
What Women Want - Rhett & Link feat. Chester See & Kassem G
A Turquoise Freestyle - Flula
(This Is) How People See Me - Curt the Camera Guy
Porcupine Song, The - Bobby Thornbody
Filling My Prescription - Bobby Thornbody
AA Battery Controlled Telescopic Knife - Look Left
No Homo - King Melvin Productions
I'm Not Gay - Positude
Tetris Drop - Bobby Thornbody
Ferret National Anthem (2013) - Max DeGroot
I'll Lose Weight - Max DeGroot
Famous People I'd (The List) - Arabian Goggles
My Balls - Your Favorite Martian
Men - Martin Mull
Census (Gay Version) - Fur the Love of Mic
Don't Sing This Song - Max DeGroot
Trans-Europe Express - Kraftwerk
Hold On (To Your Lunch) - Sudden Death
I'm Gonna Play - Bobby Thornbody
Big Furry Wall, The - Fur the Love of Mic
Pps Dpndncy - Below Average Dave
Girl Gamer - Nyhm feat. PvPGurl Gigi
Which Backstreet Boy is Gay - MikeBoySlim
Rock Me Hot Potatoes - Incognito Cinema Warriors XP
Best of Friends, The - Fur the Love of Mic
Mad Music Top 20 Revenge, Episode 13-30, July 26, 2013
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