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Mad Music Top 20 Revenge, Episode 12-16, April 20, 2012
Topic: Show 400 - OUR 400th SHOW!!!

CELEBRITY SKYPE - Goofy Gary Arnold

This show has 12 parts:

Part 1
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  • Airports
  • Blaydeman
  • I Put Ketchup (On My Ketchup)
  • Flula
  • I'll Eat Yer Brain (Extended)
  •   [first known play]
    Bill Mills
    Part 4
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    Part 5
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  • F U R2D2
  • debut  [first known play]
    Steve Goodie
  • Black Holes Suck
  • debut  [first known play]
    Nuclear Bubble Wrap
  • Eat More Possum
  •   [first known play]
  • Quit Freaking Out Over Boobs
  •   [first known play]
    Tom Smith
    Part 6
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  • Timeline
  • [excerpt]
    Bill Mills
  • Why Are You Bugging Me?
  • [excerpt]
    Below Average Dave
  • Prometheus
  • [excerpt]
    Tom Smith
    Part 7
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    I Don't Want Kids  [only known play]Brent Jowers
    Emboss It!  [only known play]The Abbott Skelding
  • Rize of the Fenix
  • [excerpt]
    Tenacious D
  • Hey, Three Stooges!
  • [excerpt]
    David Tanny
  • AJAX Toy Company
  • [excerpt]
    Cirque du So What?
    Part 8
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    Hell Called and They Want Mel Gibson Back  [only known play]Beatlesex
    Thank Ghu, I'm a Fannish Boy  [first known play]Bill Mills
  • Ant-Man
  • [excerpt]
    Insane Ian
  • Synthesizer
  • [excerpt]
    Insane Ian
    Part 9
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    Everyone's a Stooge  [first known play]Goofy Gary Arnold
    Eric the Generic  [only known play]Rumdrum and Murray
    Why Do I Have a Boomerang?  [only known play]Spiggitz the Cat
  • Tile Guy: The Movie
  • [excerpt]
    Cirque du So What?
  • Anti-Bullying PSA
  • [excerpt]
    Cirque du So What?
    Part 10
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    #3I'd Buy That For a Dollar [biggest mover - tie- up 9]Scooter Picnic
    #2Devo, Are You ShoEboX? debutDevo Spice
    Ted Nugent, Wanted: Dead or Alive  [first known play]American Lesley Jane
    Part 11
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  • Green Eggs and Ham
  • Dylan Hears a Who
    PhotoshopBob Ricci
    Want You GoneLaura Shigihara
    Part 12
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    Existential BluesTom "T-Bone" Stankus
    #1How To Speak ShoEboX [1st week at #1] [biggest mover - tie- up 9]Cirque du So What?
    Next week: Show 401

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    Messages about the show: "Mad Music Top 20 Revenge, Episode 12-16, April 20, 2012 "

    BillMills   Offline  -  Artist  -  04-21-12 01:51 PM  -  9 years ago
    Hey hey! I'm pickled tink to have been included in your 400th show! And thrice? Thrice is nice! Thanks for including my silliness in...uh, YOUR silliness.

    Best wishes for 400 more!
    BillMills   Offline  -  Artist  -  04-23-12 04:08 PM  -  9 years ago
    I must say I never expected to hear "Thank Ghu, I'm A Fannish Boy" on any show. It's such a specific subject... science fiction fandom and it was primarily meant to amuse science fiction 'fanzine fans'. Once they were a large part of the foundation of fandom from the earliest days. Today, they are a nostalgic side-note for most of the people who make up today's convention crowds... if they've even heard of fanzines (or 'zines) at all.

    OH... and by the way... in response to your on-air musings about the definition of the word 'Ghu', here is an entry from the Fan Reference section of the website:
    The first fannish ghod invented by Donald Wollheim and John B. Michel on August 6, 1935. Ghu was either a beetle living on Vulcan or Wollheim personified – or possibly both, depending on who was defining it and when. Various members of the New York Futurians served as acolytes with fitting high-sounding church titles. Ghu's holy color is purple because Ghuists publish using spirit duplicators or hectographs and the primary ditto or hecto carbon is purple. Note that Ghu and GhuGhu are one and the same. Likewise Foo and FooFoo."

    Thanks again for including me in your 400th show!
    BillMills   Offline  -  Artist  -  04-23-12 04:30 PM  -  9 years ago
    A few more clarifications:
    It's not the 'latest from Bill Mills'... it was written and recorded several years ago and I only posted it to my Facebook wall last week because there was a Fanzine Fan convention (Corflu) in Las Vegas from April 20 - 22, 2012.

    Also, there is a line that says "the first thing I wrote was Fiawol". That's a fannish reference to an oft used fannish acronym which stands for "Fandom Is A Way Of Life".

    Just 'for the record'. ;-)
    DJ Particle   Offline  -  Moderator, Artist & D.J.  -  04-23-12 05:02 PM  -  9 years ago
    Ah, ok :) I couldn't find any earlier release date for it on Google though.
    Berger   Offline  -  Member  -  04-27-12 11:58 AM  -  9 years ago
    Happy 400 shows! Keep up the good work!
    Goofy Gary Arnold   Offline  -  Artist  -  04-30-12 06:22 PM  -  9 years ago
    Likewise, congrats on your longevity. I am impressed with your dedication and vast knowledge of dementia music.

    And thanx for playing "Everyone's a Stooge" as an extra. It's my favorite song these days; along with "I'll Eat Your Brain". I sing that one at work, loudly, and my colleagues just shake their heads and wonder...
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