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Internet Is For Porn, The - Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Rick Lyon and The Guys
Vega-Tables - Brian Wilson
Sympathy For George Lucas - Rob Balder
Watch The Frog - David Tanny
Goblet Of Fire - Steve Goodie
Epithets - Paul and Storm
Photo Of Mary - Frantics, The
500 Robots - Hypnotic Clambake
CGI (the Watch The Frog remix) - Sudden Death f/ David Tanny plus "South Park Junkie", What's Happening, Nerf Herder, Melissa Joan Hart, and Stan Williamson
Jedi Drinking Song - Brobdingnagian Bards
Nuttin' But Spam - Robert Lund
CGI - Sudden Death
Beelz - Stephen Lynch
Cat Came Back... The Cat's Perspective, The - Marc Gunn and Dubliner's Tabby Cats
A Trip To The Chocolate Factory - Whimsical Will
So Long and Thanks for All the Fish - Neil Hannon
Anakin - UFO Phil
White Trash Rap - Linda Paris
Wisteria Lane - Robert Lund
Pokin' Holes - Mr. Wompy
I Can't Get Behind That - William Shatner (of Star Trek) featuring Henry Rollins
Army Careers - Frantics, The
Milkshakes - Iceman and Larry The Fat Guy
2600 - Positive Attitude
Little Hybrid - Power Salad
Silicon Valley Girl - Blow Kings, The
George Lucas Raped Our Childhood - Hot Waffles
Star Trek Next Generation Episode Guide, The - Blake Hodgetts
Placebo - The Consortium of Genius
80's Arcade - Irish Elvis
Guy Who Doesn't Know Things, The - Flying Like Wilma
Inner Voice - Sudden Death f/ Worm Quartet
United States of the Crazy Frog - Budd the Weiser
Scrambled Eggs - Carla Ulbrich
Force is the Force, The - Carla Ulbrich
Swift Kick In The Rear - Dan Hart
Axel F - Crazy Frog
All My Demented Children - David Tanny
Jedi Mind Trick - Ethan Lipton
Alone Again - Henry Phillips
Spam - Sudden Death
1955 - Matthew Hodgson aka That One Guy
R. A. Song, The - Throwing Toasters
Dumbledore - Steve Goodie
Watchin' "24" - Ken Johnson
Pirate Song, The - Rutles featuring George Harrison, The
Mariah's Greatest Screamin' Hits - David Tanny f/ Mariah Carey
eBay I Need Your Lovin' (Four Tops Vs. Weird Al) - D.J. B.S.
A Little Chocolate - Jamie Anderson
All Out of Pups - David Tanny
Missing Him, Missing Limb - Miller
Free Tommy Chong - Bright N Perri
Your Mama Scares Me - Jamie Anderson
Shove Another Shillelagh Up Your Nose - Roger McDole
Extreme Mistakeover - Sudden Death
EBooty - Damage Control
His Name Is Lancelot - Monty Python's Spamalot Broadway Cast
I Still Get Demented #05-93 December 31, 2005
Topic: The DFSX Top 100 of 2005 Part 2 of 2


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