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A-Log on the Airwaves - November 19, 2022
Topic: Thanksgiving/Musical Turkeys

Outbursts provided by: Dipper & Mabel Pines, The Cinema Snob, Maxwell (from "Twilight Moans"), Fo Fai, Hercules Grytpype-Thynne, Todd in the Shadows, Earthworm Jim, The Nostalgia Critic, Vyvyan Basterd, Adam Sandler, Fenneko, Darkwing Duck & Launchpad McQuack, Lemongrab, Steve Carrell and Road Warrior Hawk

This show has 4 parts:

Part 1
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Hour 1
Get Up! Go Insane! (intro mix) (background only)Stretch & Vern
Hey, Weird Al YankovicZeb Lemke
YankovicThe Bamboo Steamers
Taking the Hobbits (To Fight)  [first known play]Ethan Mawyer
The Ballad of Bilbo BagginsLeonard Nimoy
Overworld Theme (background only)Bug Too! OST
La Isla GilliganThe Iceman
The Kind I Like to Eat-a (The Bagel Song)Gary Craig
Maternity GirlLinda George
Just to Feed My DogAbby Henderson
Justify My ClavenMiller, Mondale & Hines
Chicken Bone (background only)Yoko Kanno
Force M.D.'s Meet The Fat Boys  [only known play]Force M.D.'s feat. The Fat Boys
S.S. MinnowMike Toomey
Dead People  [first known play]Carla Ulbrich
Lotta BodiesDevo Spice feat. the great Luke Ski
Manny & Meche (background only)Grim Fandango OST
Speedy Gonzales  [only known play]Robbie Coltrane
Confession Elevator - Daydreaming Troublesome Insects (background only)J.A. Seazer
Part 2
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Hour 2
Take An Indian to Lunch This Week (Pilgrim's Progress)Stan Freberg
Under the Double Turkey (The Thanksgiving Story)Stan Freberg
The Thanksgiving SongAdam Sandler
Imagine There's No TurkeyTimm McCoy
Soy Un ButterballPerch Theatre
N. Sanity Island (background only)Spiralmouth
I Heart ThanksgivingRobert Lund
Eatin' Lotsa TurkeyGreg "Eggman" Moore
GravyTV's Kyle
Once You UnderstandThink (f/ Lou Stallman)
Can I Pawn My Teeth to You?Roy Esser
ParalyzedThe Legendary Stardust Cowboy
Lucy in the Sky with DiamondsWilliam Shatner
New Toonland (Stage) (background only)Greg Weber & Steve Henifin
Distant Star  [first known play]Anthony Hopkins
To Be or Not To BeRichard E. Grant & Orpheus
DrinkensteinSylvester Stallone
Wild Thing  [only known play]Oliver Reed & The Troggs with Alex "Hurricane" Higgins
Cats on Mars (background only)Yoko Kanno
Part 4
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The Bonus Round
Alice's Restaurant MassacreeArlo Guthrie
Next week: When Celebrities Sing

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